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Lowestoft Eastern Energy Facility

Delivering state-of-the-art port infrastructure
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Proof of concept

Delivering state-of-the-art port infrastructure

This award was received for a project to deliver state of the art port infrastructure at Lowestoft Eastern Energy Facility (LEEF), to assist in meeting the offshore energy industry’s needs. 

At present, only limited numbers of the vessels used in the construction and maintenance of offshore energy installations are able to access Lowestoft. A solution was required to provide unrestricted access.

  • Associate British Port's £25m LEEF project will benefit the whole coastal community
  • It will create 700 additional jobs
  • It will bring in £1.15bn in additional economic benefits

Key facts

Occupancy rate in year one
berthing space
Occupancy rate in year one
Occupancy rate in year one
reclaimed land

Shifting perceptions of the area

How and why did the project benefit the public?

These plans will benefit the local community and complement the town’s regeneration plans. Lowestoft faces socio-economic challenges similar to many coastal towns, with nine neighbourhoods in the town falling within the 10% most deprived in the country. 

A major strength of the LEEF project is a direct employment pathway to the highly-skilled and well-paid work offered by the offshore wind sector. 

The plans also benefit the public as they will make a significant contribution to the decarbonisation and transformation of the UK energy system. 

What were local planners looking to achieve on the project?

  • To bring jobs and prosperity to Lowestoft
  • To help facilitiate the provision of critical port infrastructure
  • To support the UK's clean energy transition and path to net zero.
  • To achieve positive outcomes for local communities through private and public sector collaboration
Kittiwakes nesting on Lowestoft Harbour Wall (Derek_Beamish)

Justifying the need

How were local planners essential to the project's success

Local planners played a key role as ABP worked closely with the planning team at East Suffolk Council as well as other key stakeholders including the Marine Management Organisation (MMO), ABPmer and Adams Hendry Consulting Ltd.

The collaborative approach ensured that consenting requirements were understood by all parties. Crucially, the approach allowed the multi-disciplinary consenting team to have a deep understanding of the details of the project.

Multiple synergies were identified between the Council, the MMO and ABP, all testament to the positive professional working relationship between the parties.

Climate change & environment

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