Making towns work for everyone

Inclusive planning is about rethinking how we live.

An inclusive approach

Making towns work for everyone

If you’ve ever looked over your shoulder wearily at night on the way back from visiting a friend or going to local pub or club, you’ll know why it matters to make towns work for everyone. Just little things like a well-lit path can make it safer to get home without having to worry or feel that travelling by car is the only option to feel secure. And that’s why it’s so important that planning is inclusive.

Making towns work for everyone is also about rethinking how we live. For example a lack of local infrastructure for a new development might deter older residents who may struggle to access local amenities. Or a local heritage project might focus more on adults than children, resulting in feelings of exclusion. There are lots of ways that planners can create inclusive towns and you can see some great examples below.

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